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Lake Property Management

Weekly/Bi-weekly property checks for seasonal residents.

Have you ever had to leave work early to make a 3-4 hour round trip to meet AT&T, an appliance repairman, or a contractor? Maybe you realized late afternoon that the temps were dropping well below freezing and you hadn't turned the water off to your home before you left. Has a large storm blown through the area and you would like someone to run by and give you an assessment of your home and property? Have you ever arrived late on a Friday for a relaxing weekend only to spend a couple hours cleaning up leaves and debris from your decks, docks, and walkways before you can relax? Does your trash can sit out at the road after you have left for an extended time until you return making your home a potential target? Is someone checking on your boat, starting it, or making sure it didn't fill up with water after a big rain? Do you need your indoor plants or exterior landscape watered? Are you changing the a/c and heat filters monthly in your home?

Our weekly service plans are based on a 1 hour a week visit to your property, and can be customized to meet the needs of each individual client. All qutoes will be based on the individual clients' needs or requests for the services they would like to have. Fill out our "get a quote form" or "contact us" to discuss your needs.

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